Hon Chemistry 11-15-17 Intro to Atomic Theory

HON CHEMISTRY: So how do you feel about being made from earth, air, water, and fire? Here’s the very short intro we did on how we ended up with the atomic theory. Had you ever heard of Lavosier, Proust, and Dalton?

And how did you do with your comparison of Dalton’s Atomic Theory with the Modern Atomic Theory? Could you discuss it in more detail at a later date??

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13 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 11-15-17 Intro to Atomic Theory

  1. This week has been mostly good things. I have understood the lessons and I have managed my homework and class activities However, I had my struggles. And by struggles, I mean test. I studied and felt like I understood everything, but when I got to the test I was a little bit overwhelmed with all the material. I also spent too long on certain problems and therefore did not have as much time to finish as I usually do. I have learned now to look over the test and map out which parts I want to do first.

  2. This week my triumph was understanding the lessons and getting my homework done ahead of time. I also studied very hard for the test Tuesday and I’m hoping all the effort and practice put in will show!

  3. I would rate myself a solid 3/5 this week. On the test Tuesday I was doing great until the bell rang and I realized there was a question on the back, so I am not very happy with the answer I put especially since it was a discussion question I had the potential to answer fully and completely for once. I am also unhappy with my work ethic this week because I’ve been in the holiday mindset and not the school mindset. However this realization does not make me yearn for the week-long break any less. I am happy with the fact that I at least completed the test and started on the science in the news before the last minute. It’s the little things.

  4. This whole week has been a struggle for me. It is too hard for me to focus when Thanksgiving break is so close. I have barely scraped by this week and I hope I still have enough in me for one more day. Tomorrow I will give it my all so I can reward myself my relaxing over the break. On the other hand, I think I did well on my chemistry test, so I look forward to seeing my grade and continue learning.

  5. I would rate myself a 4.5/5 this week because I managed to stay on top of my work, I feel like I did well on the test, and the atom model activity was easy for me today.

  6. This has been a tough week but I am working to the best of my ablilities! I studied pretty hard for the test and that’s all well and good but I have no idea how I did. So, the struggle this week for me is definitely test stress…other than that, I have understood the information and am doing alright

  7. I rate myself 4/5 for this week. I loved the fun labs we did but I put too much water in my snow and it was just mush. The test was not that bad, but I could do a lot more to study.

  8. My struggle this week was that I had to do so much extra work for missing this Friday, and I forgot to do some homework. Not to help, I did not feel good about our test this week. Thankfully, I have realized that I should and can not find my value in my grades. Also, I feel like I expect perfection out of myself far too often. Yes I should do better, but at the same time, I am human and make tons of mistakes. I’m so grateful that Jesus died on the cross for me, so that I don’t have to be “good” enough!

  9. I would rate myself a 3/5 this week. I studied hard for the test, but am sure how I did. I did enjoy the labs we did this week though and think I understand the new stuff we are learning.

  10. This week, my struggle was getting all of my work done and getting well enough to come to school Friday. I’ve already studied for my test and I’m getting a head start on my makeup work over the break!

  11. I would rate myself a 4/5 this week. I feel like I have a handle on atomic theory so far. I am still struggling with memorizing but I am working on it.

  12. This week I rate myself a 4/5. I studied for the test and enjoyed the lab we did. I also felt pretty confident about the new material we covered.

  13. My triumph this week is studying for the test and being confident while taking it. I felt like I did very well besides having to guess on a few since the bell rang. I also did all my homework and finished the labs so I give myself a 4/5 for this week.

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