Hon Chemistry 11-7-17 Empirical & Molecular Formulas

HON CHEMISTRY: Awesome job today!! You just about figured out how to find an empirical formula all by yourself! I love the way you were able to think through what you knew and what you needed to find a solution!

Be sure and practice – if you don’t it’ll get all turned around and you’ll end up leaving off an important step. The hardest part is that it’s not a set formula for you to plug and play, but if you’ll keep in mind that you’re really just looking for subscripts which are just moles, you’ll be able to think it through. Percent to mass, mass to moles, moles to smallest whole number ratio.

Are you starting to catch on to the steps? It will be good for you to memorize them, but would it not be just tons better to understand why you need each step – backwards and forwards, so then you wouldn’t need to memorize them at all!

And then, also remember what molecular formulas are – just a multiple of the empirical formula. Keep that concept in mind, and you’ll have no problem remembering to divide the molecular formula mass by the empirical formula mass to find X! Easy peasy! 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 11-7-17 Empirical & Molecular Formulas

  1. I would rate myself 4/5 this week because I understand how to do empirical and molecular formulas. I’m also getting prepared for next weeks test.

  2. Triumph: This week I got over the flu and I am back in the flow of things. I missed a few days of school last week but I’m back in action!

  3. This week I would give myself a 4/5. I understand the formulas and am caught up on homework and have begun test preparation. That being said, I could always use more practice problems. Also, I need to work harder to focus in class.

  4. This week, I would rate myself 4/5 because I have understood the lessons and studied for my test a little each night. Yet, I still have a lot to practice before the test next week!

  5. I’m a bit confused about these empirical and molecular formulas. Even though this is a struggle for me, I’m going to do more practice and study really hard for the test! Other than that, I’d say I’m doing pretty well

  6. This week i struggled with the molecular formulas. The concept didn’t click until we went over the process in class, when we worked out practice problems.I have already started studying for the test and i am using new methods to try and improve my study habits and grades.

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