Chemistry 11-1-17 Intro to Chemical Names & Formulas

CHEMISTRY: Great job learning to name binary ionic compounds – and even beginning to write formulas! Tomorrow let’s add polyatomic ions! Whoot, whoot!!

Speaking of formulas, what is your plan for all the memorization in this chapter? Word of warning – don’t wait to the last minute!!

Super important – the secret for the next few days and this entire chapter is DON’T GET BEHIND! Keep up with me and practice, practice, practice!

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3 thoughts on “Chemistry 11-1-17 Intro to Chemical Names & Formulas

  1. I would rate myself at 3/5 because I have been better with my attitude in chemistry class although I still need to work on it in other classes so I don’t stress out people so I’m going to be more mindful in other classes. I also could have done better on the instructions critical thinking even though I did well. I just felt like I could have made it better even with the good grade I received.

  2. i rate this week a 4 out of 5. i did great on the last test but i need to find my weak points. The critical thinking i did great on and i thought i did terrible on it.
    i relearned about element formulas yesterday.

  3. I would rate myself a 4/5 this week . i think i have found a better way to study for chemistry tests in future.i also am doing a good job with learning polyatomic ions , chemical names,and chemical formulas.Ready for another week of chemistry!!!!!!

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