Physics 10-18-17 Newton’s Law of Inertia

PHYSICS: Remind me again why didn’t that pen go flying across the room instead of dropping into the bottle? Hmmm…..

So what do you reckon is the inertia of this car? Great start today relating mass to inertia! Now go forth and apply what you know to find the mass of that spool of copper wire! Wait, did a say copper wire, I meant the mass of that unknown substance! photo by Rodolfo Mari

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3 thoughts on “Physics 10-18-17 Newton’s Law of Inertia

  1. It has been a pretty fun week in Physics! We started off the week with an engineering design challenge. We had to design a device to carry out a task in a limited amount of time and my group finished first! We then did a bowling ball experiment to take a look at movement and forces and we discussed them today. We still have to see if we can successfully measure an object’s mass via its inertia so hopefully, we will be successful! I am doing pretty well with all of the labs, but I just need to be sure I keep up with the conceptual material that will be on the test.

  2. This week I would rate myself a 4 out of 5 because I really enjoyed this week and was amazed by how much physics is involved in our daily life and how it works. We did several experiments this week that challenged our minds and how to apply what we are learning. I am not struggling on this lesson and I’m actually doing really well. I’m ready to keep challenging myself with this lesson

  3. This week in Physics I would rate myself a 3 out of 5 stars. I feel like we got a lot accomplished this week, and we were able to do many different experiments and exercises to model Newton’s First Law of Inertia. Arlie and I were able to observe motion using the bowling ball and mallet on Monday, and then Nathan and I were able to apply what we know about mass and inertia to find the mass of an unknown object. Even though Nathan and I had the right idea about how to carry out the lab, our lab technique was slightly off, so we had to take more time in order to get under ten-percent error. This weekend, I will use what we learned in class to finish the equilibrium problem worksheet!

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