Physics 8-30-17 Acceleration

PHYSICS: Great intro to acceleration! Thanks, Ethan, for the awesome illustration of constant acceleration! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Also – love how you began deriving formulas! I think you’ll come to find these are a ton better than some of the velocity problems you did. List what you are given and what you’re looking for – don’t forget things like “starts from rest” and “came to a stop.” Easy peazy! Okay, maybe not that easy! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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7 thoughts on “Physics 8-30-17 Acceleration

  1. This week in Physics has been a tricky one! Rather than doing lots of labs, we have solely worked problems this week. We started off with velocity problems early in the week. They seemed super easy at first but quickly become extremely challenging. Although it was a major struggle, I was able to practice and overcome! After that, the acceleration problems were easier since I had gotten used to being able to work complex problems. I’ll need to get a little faster before the test though. Can’t wait to see what’s in store for next week in Physics!

  2. This week, I would rate myself a 3 out of 5 stars in Physics. Every night, I struggled with the homework problems, but I know that if I keep working them over and over, I will get them! I just need to work on rearranging formulas and getting familiar with the layouts of problems. Maybe a help session next week will help! I really enjoyed the Science in the News assignment this week, and I was able to finish both of my lab write-ups before Saturday!

  3. I would rate myself a 3/5 this week because I am somewhat struggling with the problems. I keep getting stuck when I have two unknown variables, but now that I have all the formulas in my arsenal I know how to either derive the specific formula I need, or work through one and plug it into the other. Hopefully, I will continue to get better at working problems the more I keep working them.

  4. I would rate myself a 3/5 this week because I feel like I did decent trying to solve the problems for homework. A triumph this week was solving the acceleration problems. I understand how to solve most and them and I have memorized most of the formulas. A struggle for this week was trying to solve the velocity problems. I’ve never had to derive formulas before so I had to get used to it. Now I’m trying to memorize the formulas and learn how to work the problems without looking at my notes.

  5. This week I rate myself a 2 out of 5. I struggled a lot with the velocity and acceleration problems. I am having a hard time with the formulas and being able to derive the formulas. I am hoping that with a few extra days of practice problems I will be able to get the formulas down. One triumph is that I was able to finish my labs that are due this week.

  6. This week in physics has been rough. I would have to rate myself a 2/5 because I had a hard time with the problems we were working this week. At the beginning of the week I was really struggling with them but by the end of the week I was getting better. I feel like I’m finally getting the hang of deriving formulas. Overall this week has been very challenging but interesting. I’m ready to come back from the long weekend and start again.

  7. This week I would have to rate myself a 2/5 because I am having a hard time understanding how to derive the formulas from what we are given. I am getting better at knowing which formula to use when I don’t have everything that is needed for the normal formula. It is going to take a lot of practice to understand the formulas and how to derive them, but I feel like practice will get me where I want it. I am enjoying the challenge that this week has brought because it is what i signed up for and I knew it.

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