Hon Chemistry 8-29-17 Scientific Notation & Density Problems

HON CHEMISTRY – Great job with scientific notation today! Hard to believe that you’ll be working with things smaller than a grain of pollen! Did you realize your calculator was so smart? Have you conquered it yet?

Great review on density problems! Remember, in chemistry we use math as a tool, therefore we might work problems a little differently in chemistry than you do in your math class.

When working these problems, don’t forget to follow these problem solving steps:

  • Analyze – write down what you’re given and what you’re looking for
  • Plan – write a formula where you isolate the unknown on one side by itself
  • Compute – plug in your data, numbers and units; then cancel the units, and if they cancel correctly, go on to the calculator. Be sure and give your answer what the correct units.
  • Evaluate – does your answer make sense, have you used the correct units, do you have the correct sig figs?

Tomorrow let’s apply density a different way!

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10 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 8-29-17 Scientific Notation & Density Problems

  1. I would rate myself a 3.5/5 this week. I rate myself this because I made a decent grade on the SI unit quiz, but I struggle with the application of scientific notation and rounding. A victory I had was successfully studying for the quiz, and a struggle I had was not having Monday to be in class.

  2. I would rate myself a 4/5 this week. I almost made a perfect grade on the quiz, and I made really good progress on the SI scavenger hunt. I only struggled with the significant figures though.

  3. I would give myself a 4.5/5 for the week. I did good by getting most of my work done early, but I could have started on the SI lab sooner during one of my study halls. I got a great score on my quiz but I didn’t even come close to properly doing my lab in class today for building balance. At least I understand the material/review we went over in class about scientific notation and significant figures.

  4. This week I would rate myself a 4/5. I understood the notes we took in class and did well on my quiz. We also got back our test scores this week and I was happy with my score. The only complication I had this week was the building your balance lab today in class but I figured it out once I reread the lab and tried again.

  5. This week I would rate myself a 2.5/5 because I really need to work on focusing and managing my time better. I should have scored higher on my quiz and my test. The lab also took me longer than expected to complete.

  6. Triumph: I managed to have decent grades on the quiz and on my test because I managed my time well!
    Struggle: The building the balance lab was a challenge. Not only was I doing it completely wrong at first, but also my patience was tested as the power went out and as the ruler wiggled. I shall read the lab more thoroughly and pray to God for that valuable fruit of the Spirit I was lacking.

  7. This week was a triumph for me because I did pretty well on my lab once I got the hang of it. I also got a better understanding of Sig Figs because I was having a difficult time until we went over it again on Tuesday. Unfortunately, I still made a mistake on my SI unit quiz but now I will remember the symbol for mass is a lowercase m!

  8. I’m giving myself 2/5 this week because I struggled to manage my time and get all of my homework done. I also could have made a much better grade if I had studied a little bit more for the quiz. I would have given myself a 1 out of 5 but I finished the take home lab and did all the questions pretty easily. I will work much harder next week.

  9. This week I struggled with waiting until the last minute to start my homework and studying. Next time I will definitely start earlier and hopefully make a better grade!!

  10. This week I would rate myself a 3/5 because I mixed up some things on my quiz (which for sure didn’t get me the grade I was hoping for) and I did my lab wrong at first. Thankfully I figured out the correct way to mass the coins and finish it before the power went out!

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