Chemistry 8-17-17 Lab Safety Test

CHEMISTRY: Great job with evaporating today, and great job in lab this week! Wow – you’ve learned a lot!! God bless you as you finish up studying for tomorrow’s test!

Did you read the review post earlier? Here’s the info again. In addition to the lab safety packets and the lab safety video, this is some VERY IMPORTANT information to study

  • All the lab apparatus at your lab station and in the slide show – be able to identify it all and know what all the apparatus is used for.
  • Know the parts of the Bunsen burner and how to light one.
  • Know the parts of the balance and be able to measure mass with a balance AND volume with a graduated cylinder.
  • I’ll ask you about safety control equipment and where it’s found in the lab.
  • I’ll also have the safety symbols and the information they represent on the test
  • Make sure you can both set up or draw and label diagrams for filtering, boiling, evaporating, and heating intensely.

HUGE HINT: Go back and view the earlier posts/slide shows on Lab Apparatus, Lab Tour, Lighting a Bunsen burner, Measuring Mass and Volume, etc. All of these are VERY helpful for the test!!

Also, don’t forget that the entire Exp A-1 Procedures & Techniques packet (including observations for ALL of the procedures you did as well as ALL of the questions on pages 13 – 18) is due TOMORROW.

God bless you as you study! It’s a ton of information, but you can do it!! I’ll be praying for you!!

Evaporation of salt water


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16 thoughts on “Chemistry 8-17-17 Lab Safety Test

  1. A struggle I had this week was measuring mass. A triumph I had this week was lighting a bunsen burner with a sparker.

  2. A triumph I had this week was getting through the first test of the year and the first lab packet was completed by me and my lab partner quickly and correctly.

  3. This week was pretty easy, I feel like I did really good on the test. But I struggled memorizing some of the equipment.

  4. This was an great first week in chemistry. I feel like I triumphed at getting the lab set up quickly. I had trouble lighting the sparker, but then I got the hang of it. I think I did well on the chemistry test today because I studied hard for it. I can’t wait for next week in chemistry.

  5. A struggle I had this week was accurately measuring mass and volume, but I found it a lot easier because with my partner’s assistance.

  6. A struggle I had this week was accurately measuring mass and volume, but with the help of my partner, I found it a lot easier.

  7. i would rate myself 4.5/5 this week because i felt like i worked well in the lab with my lab partner but i had trouble memorizing the material for the test.

  8. I rate myself 4/5 this week. I feel like I did very well this week in the labs. I studied for the test so hopefully I did well! Can’t wait to see what I learn this year.

  9. This week I rate myself a 3/5. I struggled with using my time wisely to study before the test. Next time, I’m gonna break down my time during the week to study. Something I did well was managing my time in the lab and not freaking out when something wouldn’t work the first time.

  10. I would rate myself a 3\5 this week. I struggled a lit bit with reading the balance and the graduated cylinder but after I watched the video you posted about them, I understood it a lot better.

  11. i would rate myself a 4/5 this week. i was super nervous about the test but feel good about taking it knowing i prepared myself well. i did struggle with a few of the lab questions but soon figured them out.

  12. i would rate myself 4/5 this week. i thought i did good on the labs. i was really nervous about the test, but after i took it i felt relieved. i struggled finding lab questions but eventually figured it out.

  13. I rate myself a 3/5 this week, I was extremely worried about this first test mainly due to the fact that I felt overwhelmed. After taking it, I feel that I overly stressed myself over it. The only part I found difficult was the drawing portion. The only problem is that it will only get harder from here.

  14. i feel like I did ok, I’m still stuggling on getting into the routine of things but I’m getting there. I’m hoping I get better at learning how to observe all the information given to me so I can succeed in this class!

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