Chemistry 5-18-17 Intro to Acids, Bases & pH

CHEMISTRY: Awesome lab today! Great intro to the properties of acids and bases, indicators and pH! And how about that beautiful art you created applying this new found knowledge!

How’s the exam review packet coming along? Help session for the exam this Wednesday morning, 7:15ish A.M. Update on the exam review – omit #59 on the exam review packet.

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34 thoughts on “Chemistry 5-18-17 Intro to Acids, Bases & pH

  1. What a week of activities! We are about done and the biggest challenge for me now is to stay focused and finish. I am having a hard time on this study guide but I know I can finish it if I try hard.

  2. This week in chemistry I would rate myself a 4/5. Although I was not there for 2 days I still got the activities done I had missed and did well on them, I believe. I am a bit behind on the study guide but plan on working on it this weekend.

  3. This week in chemistry was fun. We did many activities that helped us understand the gas laws better. I’ve been working on my study guide and preparing for the exam. I still have a lot more preparing to do though. We also got our projects back this week. Overall it was a good week, but I need to continue studying for the exam.

  4. I would rate myself a 4/5 in chemistry this week. I’ve been doing good in my exam review and the activities we have done in class. I’m glad I made it through the year but I will miss this class next year.

  5. This week we got to do multiple different labs to learn more about the new section on gases and their laws. Doing all the labs I was able to better understand the concepts behind our notes and see their application! Doing the excitement with the two wires and the battery was one of the most interesting labs to me this year. Never knew chemistry could be art. With the project back and all the chemistry grades done except for our exam I’m really proud of my success this year and for finishing chemistry strong!

  6. This week I would eye myself a 3/5. I really enjoyed the activity with plastic bags we did to compare the hot air balloon activity.

  7. This week in Chemistry, I would rate myself a 5/5. I did well on my paper and my lab partner and I succeeded on the activities throughout the week. I also got a head start on my exam review.

  8. This week in chemistry we did a whole lot of activities, which was a lot of fun and a perfect way to end the year. I have been working on my exam review and have been doing pretty well on it so far. I rate myself a 4/5 out of five this week.

  9. This week in chemistry I failed the project because I only had one source. I spent a lot of time doing the project to make a 33 and fail the year. My triumph was the lab with the battery.

  10. This week in chemistry was a good review week. The activities and labs were fun and hopefully pulled my grade up. I was also very pleased with my grade on the project. I would rate myself a 5/5 for the week.

  11. I give myself a 5 out of 5 because of the labs this week. I completed every single one and did good on them. I also got a good grade on my project. The exam review is gonna help me out a lot for the exam.

  12. this year in chemistry i would rate myself a 5/5! i have learned so much throughout this year and in the end have left a chemist. this week i got my project back and i am very happy with my grade. this year has been a blast and i cannot wait to see what chemistry has taught me in my everyday life. one thing i can work on is working hard to finish the year.

  13. I can not believe that this is my last web post. This year has flown by. My goal right now is to finish this year out on a good note. I need to keep working on my study guide, so that I won’t have to do all of it next week. This has been a good week, so I would rate myself a 4/5. I hope that I did good on the project, and that it will help my grade. Thank you for everything Ms. Skinner!!

  14. This week I would rate myself a 5/5. I got my webpost back and I did good. Also I have been working hard on the exam review. I am happy that we are almost done with chemistry.

  15. This was a good week of grades for me. I did really good on all my labs and I feel like those are gonna be really good for my overall grade. I just hope that I can stay focused and make good on this exam

  16. This week is my last week of chemistry. We got our projects back and I did great on it and it is really gunna help my grade out. I had fun this year and learned a lot of chemistry.

  17. I am so glad to be done with almost done with Chemistry I don’t think I’ve ever been so scared before I looked at my project grade, but I’m going to miss this class it was fun I enjoyed all the labs this was a good year.

  18. Oh Chemistry! I never thought I would see this day! Looking back over the year; I couldn’t be more proud of myself. Im going to actually miss chemistry…. just the labs… definitely not the lab reports! Ms. Skinner has been such an impact in my life and in my education. I can honestly say that this class has prepared me the most for college. Since this is my last year at northpoint, I’m going to be sad not to see the upcoming class going through the struggle next year. Overcoming the tears, the stress, And the lack of sleep; I am sad to be saying goodbye to this class. Im super proud of my chemistry research paper grade!!! I was Lost, BUT NOW IM FOUND. My goal is to walk with God and remember how complex he made this world to be. Chemistry is all around, and ill never forget it.

  19. This year I rate myself a 5/5. I have really improved on studying ahead and getting my work done. This class has taught me how to work hard and studied. I’m really surprised I made it through this year!!

  20. This year in chemistry I learned that Meredith Lee is not even that smart. I sat beside her all year and I’ve learned that she isn’t a complete genius. On one test I made a 94 and she made a 96. Even though she did better than me I’m not that smart so she should have done a lot better than me. I also did very good on the project. I felt very good about it and I think my parentald will be proud of me. I have told them that I am getting to the level of the Lee family. They are thinking of sending me to a private one on one school. They believe I am the next president. I’m typing This from a deserted island in the middle of The Labrador Sea (Skinner 2017). I will update you on my progress. I am probably going to be the next Einstein. I am still trying to get to the level of Mededith but I think I’ll probably never make it.

  21. This week I rate myself a 4/5. I did well with all of the activities and enjoyed them. I struggled with getting the hot air balloon to the ceiling though.

  22. This week in chemistry was a great one for me. My triumph was doing good on the test and making a good grade on the project. I did not have any struggles for the week. I rate myself a 5/5 for the last week of chemistry.

  23. This week I would rate myself a 5/5. I did really good on my test and project and I feel as though I have finished this year out extremely strong. I’ve gotten a good start on my exam review and I hope to finish it this weekend.

  24. This week I would give myself a 3/5. I did good on all the activities. My struggle is that I have not started on the exam review. I need to do it on the weekend if I want to finish it.

  25. This week, I really enjoyed the multiple activities that we were able to do this week, and it helped me understand the gas laws, pressure, and the acids and bases. I would say I’m a little behind on the exam review, so that will be my main priority for this week! I would rate myself a 4/5 for this week.

  26. this week (as my last full week of chemistry) I would rate my self 5/5 I have worked efficiently and hard this week as well as the rest. I really learned from the mini labs we did with pressure.

  27. This week, id rate my self a 4/5. With the exam next week, ive been so focused on the exam study guide and reviewing past chapters, I struggled paying attention to the lessons and labs in class. I want to finish the year of as strong as I started.

  28. I would rate myself a 3/5 this week because I’ve done well on my study guide but did not get a good grade on the research paper

  29. This week I would rate myself a 5/5. I loved doing the activities and preparing for the exam. My overall year in chemistry I would rate myself a 5/5 because I did my absolute best and learned a lot this year. I feel that with everything I learned this year l do good on the exam and CHeM was fun!!

  30. This week I would rate myself a 5/5 I’m working well on the exam study guide and I got a really good grade on the project.

  31. This week I would rate myself a 4/5. It has been a busy week with all the activities and the exam study guide. I hope I study hard enough to do good on the exam.

  32. This week I think I am ready for the exam and doing well on my exam review. I would rate myself a 4/5 when doing activities and labs during this week.

  33. This week I rate myself a 5/5. I did the work we were assigned and enjoyed the mini labs we did, and also enjoyed seeing my work pay off with some good grades like on the project.

  34. this week, the research paper was good because i got a good grade but still a little less than i expected. i feel like i should have been more creative.

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