Chemistry 1-12-16 Big Changes & Half Life Problems Practice

Chemistry: More big changes today – and this time with the syllabus and not the periodic table! Be sure and get the updated syllabus to see exactly what I”m talking about.

We are going to have to cancel the help session tomorrow morning, so today we practiced half-life problems and nuclear equations in class. How did you do? Another help session next week? Holler if you’d like some extra practice

For nuclear equations, help yourself tons by learning the nuclear symbols for all the particles – alpha, beta, positron, neutron. Also be sure to know the difference between decay & emission (these mean the particle was released and it goes on the right side of the equation) and capture & bombard (this means the particle was added so put it on the right side of the equation).

For half life problems, start by writing what you know and and what you are looking for, and then think them through!! If you are looking for time or half-life, begin by finding the fraction that remains – this s a super easy way to find how many half lives passed. If you are looking for mass, remember that you need to know how many times you need to multiply by 1/2 so you need to find the number of half lives that have passed. See what I mean? Know what it is that you need and think it through!

Chemistry 1-12-16 Big Changes & Half Life Problems Practice from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

flickr photo by Frans Persoon