Hon Chemistry 1-11-16 Bohr Model of the Atom

HON CHEMISTRY: I figured anybody who ditched his honeymoon to finalize his work on atomic theory deserved to have his picture on our website. (And, by the way, great job making like electrons today – way to role play!)

Here are a couple of other links to some great video clip that begin to show the connection between our lab on spectroscopy, the hydrogen emission spectrum, and how we can identify elements. They’ll be very helpful as you study!! Spectrum of the Stars, The Emission Spectrum of Hydrogen

Four new elements on the periodic table? Wow!

Hon Chemistry 1-11-16 Bohr Model of the Atom from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

Image source www.atomicarchive.com/Images/bio/B23.jpg

Chemistry 1-11-16 Half Life & Artificial Transmutations

CHEMISTRY: Happy 4 New Elements on the Periodic Table Celebration Day! Amazing research – don’t you think? I think it was only appropriate that we celebrate it! Here’s our discussion from class today artificial transmutations. Good stuff!

How did you do with the half-life problems? This vodcast has #27 and #28 from last night’s homework. Help session Wednesday morning, 7:20ish A.M. if you’d like some extra practice. Also, don’t forget the math tutor on pg. 662 of your online text. It has some extra practice problems you might find useful!

Don’t forget due dates for the thLAB: Half Life Simulation. And be sure and don’t eat your M & M’s until you are done with the lab! 🙂

Chemistry 1-10-16 Half Life & Artificial Transmutations from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.