Chemistry 9-5-14 Homework Update & thLAB: Density of Oil

CHEMISTRY: I’m so excited about the work you’ve done over the last couple of days – applying what you’ve learned in class!!

Homework for the weekend is to complete the thLAB: Density of Oil AND study SI memorization for any potential upcoming surprise quizzes. (Hint, hint!!)

Are you clear on the thLAB: Density of Oil and what it’s all about? Here’s some discussion of the Density of Oil thLab that you might find helpful! Have a great weekend!!

CHEMISTRY 9-5-14 Overview of thLAB: Density of Oil from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

Image Source: Hannah Lloyd

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14 thoughts on “Chemistry 9-5-14 Homework Update & thLAB: Density of Oil

  1. For the ID of the Unknown Lab I learned to find volume in a different way such as instead of using a graduated cylinder you can use the Formula L*W*H. I also learned that when working as group you have to listen to everyone because they can help you figure out what you need to do for the Lab.

  2. I enjoyed creating my own balance and learning that 1 mL is equal to one gram. I know that this will help me with many of the labs that we will do this year! I enjoyed doing the Lab: Finding the Unknown because it showed me how to work with a large group but think as one scientist.

  3. Thank you so much for putting up this video! I was unsure about some things in the lab and this helped TONS!!! Thank you!

  4. The lab from yesterday and today really helped me to learn to use the formulas properly! I was a little shaky on them at first, but now I feel confident on how to work them.

  5. I enjoyed the ID of the unknown lab because we got a chance to work together as a class to use what we learned this week in class about mass, volume, and density.

    • T – Thanks for letting me know. Sometimes when a lot of people are trying to submit, it gets clogged up. If doesn’t work tonight, try it tomorrow. Just make sure you have it turned in to Google Drive (and I just saw that you did!). Thanks for letting me know!

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