Physics 10-29-13 Equilibrium Problems Practice

PHYSICS: Great work today thinking through these problems! A couple of things that work for me – draw them first. Then go back through and separate resultants into components. If an object is in equilibrium, then there are no net forces – all the forces in the x direction balance – everything left equals everything right, and all the forces up equal all the forces down.

You’ve got all the ammo you need, now go forth and conquer!

UPDATE: Answers below:

  1. Fn = 3430 N upward against feet
  2. Fn,1 = Fn,2 = 1890 N upward on each foot
  3. Fforward = 4.59 N
  4. FT,1 = FT,2 = 1760 N
  5. FT,1 = 1.36 × 103 N and FT,2 = 680. N

PHYSICS 10-29-13 Equilibrium Problems Practice from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

flickr photo by loop_oh

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2 thoughts on “Physics 10-29-13 Equilibrium Problems Practice

  1. I’m pretty sure I got all of them wrong somehow. I don’t have my paper with me but most of these do not look like what I had, unfortunately): I guess we get to go over these in class?(:

  2. Is there any visible time in the future when all of our labs so far this quarter will be due? Either way, I should probably start them this weekend…if I survive until then!

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