Physics 10-28-13 In Class Assignment

To My Beautiful Physics Students: Today I’m giving you a head start on a take home lab that is due Wednesday: thLAB – Unbalanced Forces (the extension is not required, but recommended). Today, in class only, you may work in groups of two people.

If I’ve forgotten to copy the boats for you – that will make sense later, you can ask Mrs. Jackie for a transparency and use the printer in the back of the room to make ONE copy of the back page of the lab sheets on ONE transparency sheet. One sheet is enough for the whole class. You may ask Mrs. Jackie for any other supplies you need. This thLAB is due Wednesday on notebook paper. Include both answers from the procedure as well as the post lab questions.

OPTIONAL: If you’d rather save the lab for home and work together on the Equilibrium Worksheet problems – as long as it is a very constructive, collaborative effort, you may.

Have a great day!

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