Hon Chemistry 10-28-13 In Class Assignment

To My Beautiful Honors Chemistry Students: Today I’m giving you a head start on a virtual lab that you are going to be finishing at home. It is the vLAB: Determining an Empirical Formula. You will also do Extension 1.

Be sure and use the lab sheets here and NOT sheets on the textbook site that come with the virtual lab! Ask Mrs. Jackie to get you the headphones if you don’t have your own ear buds.

Also be sure and save your work! You won’t be able to save the actual lab, just your lab report. You could save it to your Shared Student Folder at school and email it to yourself, or you could save it to your Google Drive folder as a Word Doc and then you’d be able to access it from home. When you are finished, you will save it as a PDF to your Google dropbox. Check the syllabus for the due date.

Have a great day!

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