Chemistry 10-28-13 In Class Assignment

To My Beautiful Chemistry Students: How was the Pre-Test? Were you ready for it? Here is assignment for today after you finish the Pre-Test:

A great way to practice writing and naming chemical formulas correctly is to go to sciencegeek.netΒ  and practice the Chemistry Review Activities . Today, after the pre-test, I want you to practice three sections in Unit 3 would be very helpful. Click on any of the sections to go the the site.

You don’t have to write anything down, but I do want you to practice each section over and over until you can go through each one without making any mistakes! If you don’t finish today in class, this would be a great way to keep studying when you get home.

Be careful not to get distracted once you are begin work on the laptops. You are to work ONLY on this assignment until the bell rings. Have a great day!

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19 thoughts on “Chemistry 10-28-13 In Class Assignment

  1. The pre-test was hard but the links you gave us to will really help me prepare for the actual test.

  2. For tonight’s homework, do we only do parts b and c for the ones that have a part c or do we do only part b even if the questions don’t have a c?

  3. The homework last night took me a little while to get the hang of but I got it now. I think I did really well on the homework I turned in.

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