Physics 10-25-13 Forces & Equilibrium

PHYSICS: So, how is the balance in your life? Here’s the lecture from Friday on net force, equilibrium, and equilibrants. Were you experiencing a little déjà vu? Tonight’s homework is Pg. 143 – 146: 7 – 12 AND the Equilibrant Forces worksheet.

Short lesson, but good job today! Thank you, Will and Van, for being such good sports!!!

PHYSICS10-25-13 Forces & Equilibrium from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

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13 thoughts on “Physics 10-25-13 Forces & Equilibrium

  1. The problems on the Equilibrants Worksheet aren’t very descriptive… for example, I can’t decipher on #4 whether it means that EACH rope can hold 445 N or that they can hold 445 N together. Also, streetlamps aren’t strung up on wires.:)

    • Also, no matter which way that I attempt to solve #4, I always end up with the resultant force that is being exerted on the two ropes to be 551 N. Any advice?

      • Moreover, #5 doesn’t include any reference to which corner of the triangle that the 35 degree angle lies in. The diagram does not contain a location, either.

        • Will – Stressed? I’m betting you’ve used your awesome powers of deduction to figure out which one is the 35 degree angle. And there is a location – outside Bob’s store!
          P.S. This is the easy worksheet.

      • Will – Are you using the 445 N merely as a point of comparison for your final answer? Since the guy sits in the middle, both angle both sides are the same. And you know his weight. Which part of the resultant force of the ropes is lifting his weight? And two ropes? Or did you do all this already?

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