Hon Chemistry 9-16-13 Matter and Its Properties

HON CHEMISTRY – Physical properties, states of matter, chemical properties – was it mostly review for you?? You may want to go back over the solid, liquid, gas stuff!

Make sure you have the vocab down, and for sure, be able to apply what you learned today. Can you tell the difference between quantitative and qualitative properties, intensive and extensive properties, physical and chemical changes, etc.?

Good luck studying for the symbols quiz tomorrow! Have you tried quizlet.com? Check out the one done by A Sparkman!

HON CHEMISTRY 9-16-13 Properties of Matter from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

flickr photo by ViaMoi

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7 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 9-16-13 Matter and Its Properties

  1. So I noticed you changed the elements we have to memorize from last week’s syllabus to this week’s. I’m guessing we need to know the updated list?

  2. Ms. Skinner! I might have zoned out if it was already addressed, but I just wanted to be sure- for part one of the Conservation of Mass Lab, did you want us to type up the answers to questions 1-3 in Analysis or just answer it on the sheet?

  3. On the thLab, it says make 10 observations total for part A, 15 total for part B, and 20 total for part C.. So does that mean we have 10 in A, 5 in B, and 5 in C (for a total of 20 observations), or does it mean 10 in A, 15 in B, and 20 in C (for a total of 45 observations)?

  4. Do we just write our observations on the notebook paper, or de write the lab up on the paper? Do we need a conclusion?

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