Physics 9-9-13 Rocket Problem & Chapter 2 Overview, Pt. 2

PHYSICS: Wow! Talk about an abrupt change in plans – no pun intended toward the rocket problem that we finished in class today! So – test Wednesday and Velocity & Braking Distance lab tomorrow. Do you have your lab plans polished up? You are going to need every available minute tomorrow, so come prepared!

Speaking of the rocket problem – how’d you do? And do you recognize the picture? It’s the bottom of a Polaris A-1 submarine launched missile – photo taken at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Go figure that a vacation photo would come in handy in physics! Here’s the work that we did on the problem and a bit more info on the test that will now be on Wednesday.

PHYSICS 9-9-13 Rocket Problem from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

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14 thoughts on “Physics 9-9-13 Rocket Problem & Chapter 2 Overview, Pt. 2

  1. On the Interpreting Graphs 1 exercise, one of the questions asks you to choose which graph had a higher rainfall, but they both have the exact same value…27.5. This bothers me haha

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