Chemistry 9-9-13 Chapter 2 Test Overview

CHEMISTRY – Wow! Hasn’t just soooooooo much gone into making up chapter 2? Here’s the overview of the test from today. Remember, don’t just read your notes – practice your notes, practice the problems, practice the memorization!!

If you haven’t had a chance to do so already, make sure you go to Edline, open the Chemistry class page, click on Tests in the right column, and check out the two review sheets on chapter 2. Great info!!! And continue to practice with these online games and quizzes:

Online Textbook: There are wonderful Interactive Review Games with your online text. First open chapter 2. Then click on the the Student Premium tab, then Interactive Review Games. There are games like Millionaire, Bootcamp, and Pyramid that quiz you with questions just like the ones I’ll give you on the test. See how high you can get your score!! has great interactive quizzes with questions like I’ll ask on the test. Find the unit that corresponds to the topics we’ve been studying and begin to quiz yourself. There are answers, too!

God bless you as you study! I’ll be praying for you!!

CHEMISTRY 9-9-13 Chapter 2 Overview from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

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57 thoughts on “Chemistry 9-9-13 Chapter 2 Test Overview

  1. The things you taught us in Excel today were very helpful. I didn’t know that you could change the font of the 3 so it showed centimeters cubed.

  2. I am looking forward to starting a new chapter in the book this week; I hope to learn more about graphs and get better at learning which element is constant or a variable.

  3. I really understand the graphs but I think I need help on the problems tht were on the test. When is out next help session?:)

    • Rachel – That’s a really good idea! Why don’t we talk Monday about having a help session to go over topics on the last test that are still kind of fuzzy!

  4. I learned that when a raisin is put in a cup of Sprite, the raisin starts to shake.

    Because the raisin’s density is different from the Sprite.

  5. The graphs we did in class today were very helpful. It has been a little while since I have done them. It was a good reminder on how to do them.

  6. Thank you for the extra lab time today, it allowed my partner and I to go back and fix our mistakes of not keeping our work neat and not drying of the lead balls after measuring.

  7. thank you for letting us get started right as we got into the class room to finish up are lab today, doing that gave us plenty of time today for doing those definitions in the chemistry book

  8. Thank you so much for letting us have time to go back and change our labs today; it helped me get closer to the right answer!!!

  9. Thank you for letting us have another try on the lab today. I learned it’s possible to find the mass without using a balance.

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