Hon Chemistry 9-6-13 Chapter 2 Overview

HON CHEMISTRY – God bless you as you prepare for your test! Here’s the overview of the test and chapter 2 that we did in class today. Help session Monday morning, 7:15ish A.M.

Remember, don’t just read your notes – practice your notes, practice the problems, practice the memorization!! If you haven’t had a chance to print them out, here are links to the study suggestion sheet and the chapter 2 formula sheet. Click on the names below to open.

Chapter 2 Formulas & Stuff to Know
Chapter 2 Study Suggestions

Also, don’t forget the Interactive Review Games with your online text and also sciencegeek.net. Good luck studying! I’ll be praying for you!!

HON CHEMISTRY 9-6-13 Chapter 2 Overview from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

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