Physics 9-4-13 Free Fall, Pt. 2 and Reaction Times

PHYSICS – Here’s a question – how could this kid figure out how tall this cliff is? Good job on finding the height of the balcony – were you within 10% error? Wonder why???

From Wednesday, here’s the work we did on #32, the “ball dropped from the top of a building and thrown up from the ground at the same time” problem. The problems tonight will be a little challenging, but after today’s hints, no problem!!

Draw a picture, write down what you know and are looking for. What formula fits? On the problems with something going up and then dropping something else, like the pelican or the parachute, don’t forget that the item dropped has the velocity of the first thing. And to find how far apart they are, you usually have to figure in that the first thing was still moving when the second thing was dropped. Make sense? And be careful to keep positive and negative straight! Good luck – you’re doing a great job with these. I’m really proud of you!!

Physics 9-4-13 Free Fall, Pt. 2 from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

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