Chemistry 9-3-13 Conversion Factors

CHEMISTRY – Great job with our start to using conversion factors today! Since we had a super, super short lecture, I decided to post an old lesson that will have lots more examples.

Remember, this isn’t just about getting an answer – some of you can do that in your head. This is about being able to convert from one unit to another using the Q-formula. (And yes, you have to do it that way!)

Make sure you practice using your notes tonight, it’ll help you remember the steps we followed today in class. We’ll give it another go tomorrow!

flickr photo by D Sharon Pruitt, Pink Sherbet Photography

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25 thoughts on “Chemistry 9-3-13 Conversion Factors

  1. Okay, I figured out how to rename the labs without deleting them from the shared folder and uploading them with a new name. You just right click on the lab name,click rename, and rename it.

  2. Also, if a picture is turned a different way even though you changed it on Word, you have to go to the file where you uploaded the picture on your computer. You can turn it on that and save it. Once copied and pasted back on Word, it will be right on Google Drive.

  3. I love math so learning the Q formula is such bliss! 🙂 I wish I had learned it sooner. I am excited to see where else the Q- Formula will take us in Chemistry! 🙂

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