Physics 8-23-13 Velocity Problems

PHYSICS – Here are the velocity problems from today, #11 and other homework and then some new problems. You did a great job on these! Do you see what I mean about learning to think through them?

Good luck on those next five problems. Make sure to do more than just show the math – be sure that I can also follow your logic in the formulas. Ditto with units, etc. Don’t give up on the tortoise and the hare. A couple of hints: remember the distance the tortoise travels is the same as the distance the hare travels plus the extra 20 cm he was ahead. Also, the time the hare raced is equal to the time of the tortoise minus those two minutes he rested.

Now go have fun! And have a great weekend!! πŸ™‚

PHYSICS 8-23-13 Velocity Problems from Tammy Skinner on Vimeo.

flickr photo by darkmatter

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9 thoughts on “Physics 8-23-13 Velocity Problems

  1. I didn’t quite understand why the distances in the tortoise and hare problem weren’t equal. I understand that the hare stopped for two minutes, but the problem didn’t specify that it didn’t finish the race. Is the hare’s distance after the tortoise crosses the finish line just irrelevant?

    • The distances weren’t equal because the tortoise finished the race 20cm ahead of the hare. Since we’re looking for the time of the tortoise, the equation “stops” so to speak when the tortoise crosses the finish line. The hare hasn’t finished, because he’s 20cm behind the tortoise. If you added 20cm to the hare’s distance though, then it is the same distance. so Dh + 20 = Dt
      Hope that helps!

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