Hon Chemistry 12-6-12 Quantum Numbers, Pt. 2 & Test Overview

HON CHEMISTRY: Good luck studying for the chapter 4 test! The last thing on the test will be the three rules that we talked about today – Pauli exclusion principle, Hund’s rule, and the Aufbau principle. Orbital notation and electron configuration notation will have to wait until next year. BTW – don’t forget that you’ll also be writing and naming chemical formulas.

Because of our computer difficulties, it’s taking forever for the vodcast to load – weird things are happening with it. But if it ever does, I’ll post it ASAP. Meanwhile, here is the updated Chapter 4 Study Suggestion Sheet.

What about applications for discussion? Photoelectric effect, spectroscopy, etc.? And don’t forget the video clips! Especially good would be Animated Quantum Mechanics, Quantum Mechanics, and Emission Spectrum of Hydrogen.

God bless you! I’m praying for you!!

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6 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 12-6-12 Quantum Numbers, Pt. 2 & Test Overview

  1. No offence Ms. Skinner, but I am glad that we don’t have orbital notation on the test just because its less to worry about =D

  2. The apartment building illustration really helped me understand. So did the cinnamon toast cruch analogy- thanks Andrea!

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