Hon Chemistry 11-29-12 Spectroscopy Lab

HON CHEMISTRY: How’d you like playing with light? Kind of pretty, huh? Let’s begin to put it all together tomorrow!

Are you clear on how to turn in the lab report? Observations from the diffraction grating yesterday will be in two parts: 1) the written observation – answers to those four questions for BOTH types of light on notebook paper, and 2) your drawings of both kinds of light on card stock or heavy white paper, and then both drawings mounted on one sheet of construction paper. Be sure to label everything.

Observations from today with the spectroscope will be answered on the actual lab sheets/packet. Double check to make sure you answered every single observation and question. The entire packet is due Monday.

Hey – I hear it’s going to be warm outside tomorrow. And I’m pretty sure I like outside labs, soooooo…….!

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