Hon Chemistry 9-17-12 Matter and Its Properties

HON CHEMISTRY – Hey guys, here’s the lecture from Monday. I think most of this was review for you?? Make sure you have the vocab down, and for sure, be able to apply what you learned today. Can you tell the difference between quantitative and qualitative properties, intensive and extensive properties, physical and chemical changes, etc.? Let’s finish talking about energy tomorrow, and then we’ll play with the conservation of mass!

Good luck studying for the symbols quiz tomorrow! Have you tried quizlet.com?

UPDATE – Change in plans! Let’s do the quiz tomorrow and finish energy. We’ll do the conservation of mass labs Wednesday and Thursday. We’ll be off a day – go figure! I want to make sure you have enough time for the lab. See you tomorrow!

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3 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 9-17-12 Matter and Its Properties

  1. I’m really enjoying learning this chapter! Most of it is definitely review from the 8th grade, so I kind of have an idea of what’s going on. The lectures online really help me study!

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