Hon Chemistry 9-13-12 Intro to Chemistry

HON CHEMISTRY: So now that you know how to use all the tools we’ll need in chemistry, it’s time to start talking about ….chemistry!!

Were you able to able to make applications with the branches of chemistry and categories of scientific work? We’ll finish talking about the properties of matter on Monday. Don’t forget to check your syllabus for homework. You might want to go ahead as soon as you can and begin memorizing the symbols of the elements, as well as the atomic numbers and mass numbers for elements 1 – 30. Is that something you’ve had to do in your other classes?

Now it gets interesting!

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10 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 9-13-12 Intro to Chemistry

  1. Ms. Skinner, in chemistry this year will we be talking much about the causes of some of the chemicals that are in salt and fresh water such as ammonia and chlorine?

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