Hon Chemistry 8-29-12 Scientific Notation

HON CHEMISTRY – Wow – that might be the fastest I’ve reviewed scientific notation ever! Here’s the lecture from Wednesday. Are you ready to kill your calculator yet? The best way to really learn all of the things from this chapter is practice, practice, practice! And just so you can do that, I’ve put it all together in your homework tonight….cuz I love you! 🙂 You can do it!!

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6 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 8-29-12 Scientific Notation

  1. Thank you for posting the lesson recordings on here! It is very helpful with homework or if I missed a note in class.

  2. THIS WAS AWESOME hahaha my mind was blown at the graphing on a line where each number was! Chemistry is extremely interesting!

  3. One quick question regarding significant figures in scientific notation. Do trailing zeros with a decimal point in the problem count as significant figures? Its probably really obvious, but I just want to be sure.

    • Murry – You were absent on Friday,too? My head and digestive system weren’t cooperating Thursday and Friday, so I had take a temporary leave of absence! While I was gone on Friday, your class practiced the scientific method – and evaluating experimental technique, by watching an episode of Mythbusters. If you were absent, it will be super easy to make up. Just click on the Mythbusters tab at the top of the website and answer these questions and answer the questions on the worksheet to analyze one of the myths that was investigated on any one of the episodes of Mythbusters. If you have the Discovery channel, you may watch an episode at home, or you can watch a copy of the DVD at school during your study hall or before or after school. Hope to see you tomorrow!

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