Physics 8-28-12 … and the Tortoise & the Hare

PHYSICS: Just in case you need it, here is the solution to the tortoise and the hare problems – # 21 & 22. Remember a few things: You weren’t born knowing how to do these – give yourself a little time. Just one formula won’t work – begin with writing what your know. These are some of the hardest problems we’ll work in physics – not because the formulas are hard, but because knowing how to reason through them is so challenging. You are doing a great job! BYW – Don’t open the solutions you wrote in your notes! Try it without it!!

Tomorrow I’ll give you a break – we’ll work with the Sparkvue labs again. Thanks for helping get them set up!

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10 thoughts on “Physics 8-28-12 … and the Tortoise & the Hare

    • Claire – I posted the update to it on the post I did about #11. The deal is this. Since we treated the distances between the riders as just that – distances, not displacement, we have to disregard the direction of their velocities as well, and only consider their speed, not the direction. Make sense? Distance – speed or displacement – velocity.

    • Jenny, that problem and the one previous use a formula that we haven’t gone over yet. It’s actually on pg 53 of the book.

  1. Hey Ms. Skinner, I hope you’re feeling better! I was just wondering, because we didn’t get a chance to go over the homework on Friday and didn’t learn the best way to go about the homework for the weekend, what exactly you wanted us to do. I’ve done the best I can with them, but most of them are still really confusing to me. Will we be able to go over them tomorrow in class by any chance?

  2. Help session next Tuesday would be good for me. Also, on the human density lab, are there any questions we need to answer besides answering whether Katie and I float? Do we need to make a graph or chart of any kind?

    • Will – Putting your data in a table is always a great idea, but no graphs on this one. In your conclusions, talk about why (or why not) humans, i.e., you and Katie, float. Oh, and make it a discussion, not a single sentence or two.

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