Hon Chemistry 8-21-12 Using the Scientific Method

HON CHEMISTRY – I’m telling you, I really can make gold pennies! Well, maybe not, but how could you use the scientific method to go about testing that?

Did you experience deja vu yesterday? Well, I figure we’ve been talking about tools we will use in chemistry, so why not the scientific method? Here’s the lecture from Monday. Did you have fun with Oobleck today? Is it a solid? liquid? neither? Let’s talk about it tomorrow!

By the way, since today was a short class period and we didn’t have time to talk about the take home lab on Building a Balance, I’m extending that due date to Monday. I have some supplies you can borrow for it if you need them. Fun times! ๐Ÿ™‚

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7 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 8-21-12 Using the Scientific Method

  1. I still don’t understand how the penny changed to silver and gold. Was it reacting with the heat, the air, the heated liquid, or the cool liquid?

  2. Oobleck is so much fun, yet so hard to clean up! I tried the build your own balance lab today…having complications.

    • Murry – Good luck! Let the others know what you are trying to do to make it work. You guys can collaborate on ideas! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Andrea, I looked up the silver and gold penny experiment and found out the penny reacted with the liquid to make it silver and then reacted with the heat to make it turn gold!

  4. Ugh! Totally forgot my web post Friday… I even wrote it down!:( Well, anyway… I thought the Oobleck lab was super fun and it was cool to find out it wasn’t a solid or a liquid, but a non-Newtonian fluid! Also, the penny into gold trick was awesome! :0

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