Senior Exams & Exam Reviews

SENIORS: Hey guys, I wish you the best as you prepare for you very last Skinner Exam! Click below if you need a copy of the exam review. I’ll meet you in the upstairs library Monday morning. Be sure to bring your cleaned out textbook (erased, cleaned out and in perfect condition!), a calculator, a pencil, and your card and paper if you are in physics.

Just in case you didn’t get the message, the following students are exempt from the 2nd semester physics exam: Corey, Zach, Matt, Andrew, Jakin, and Sebastian. Wow! Six! I think that’s a record. Good job, guys!

CHEMISTRY Exam Review 2 2012 – Seniors

PHYSICS Exam Review 2 2012


Chemisty 5-4-12 Balancing Equations Practice

CHEMISTRY: How’s it going with balancing equations? Here’s the short review we did Friday on using the activity series when completing and balancing equations.

Remember these steps: #1 – write the correct formulas; #2 – ask yourself what type of rxn it is; #3 – find the rule that applies and go for it! Don’t forget also that if you answer single replacement to #2 (or the synthesis or decomposition of a metal oxide!) you’d better check the activity series first!! Good luck!

Physics – Congratulations to the Rube Goldberg Competition Winners!!

PHYSICS: Well, I’ll make it pretty later, but for now I thought you’d want to know:

The winners of the 2012 Rube Goldberg Competition are…………………… the sound group: Corey, Zach, and Matt. Congratulations, guys!!

And what you really wanted to know – so far, the following students are exempt from the 2nd semester physics exam: Corey, Zach, Matt, Jakin, and Sebastian. Wow! Five! I think that’s a record. Good job, guys!

Chemistry 5-3-12 Activity Series

CHEMISTRY: Can you believe we finished the chapter?!? Here’s the last lecture – the activity series. I’m sorry it took me so long to post it!

Practice, practice, practice! Don’t forget, you have to memorize the 17 types of chemical reactions and the activity series, but you also have to apply them! You need to know them so well, that it becomes second nature to you. I’ll be praying for you as you begin to study for the test!!:)

Physics 5-1-12 Color

PHYSICS: Oh. My. Word! Can you believe it?!? Your very last lecture in high school physics! Wow!!

How’d you like playing with color? So now, why is an apple red? So….here’s the lecture on color – colors of light, and colors of pigment. I still can’t believe it.

Don’t forget – lab books, and all other labs due tomorrow!

Hon Chemistry 5-1-12 Kinetic Molecular Theory

HON CHEMISTRY: So let’s switch to gases! Here’s the lecture on the kinetic molecular theory. Well – since we’ve had issues with the mic, the next few lectures on gases will be a bit retro.

Make sure you can apply the theory to practical applications. And let me ask you – when would a real gas not be an ideal gas?

Chemistry 5-1-12 Single Replacement, Double Replacement & Combustion Rxns

CHEMISTRY: Wow! We did a lot today in just a very short amount of time! Here’s the lecture on the review and new notes on single replacement (with a little intro to the activity series), double replacement, and combustion reactions. Now that you’ve got everything on paper, let’s play with them tomorrow. First, the quiz. Then you’ve got to remind me to show you this really cool demo on combustion rxns. I call it “flaming bubbles”! And don’t forgot – we’ll start with the quiz! Good luck studying, I’ll be praying for you!!