Chemistry 4-26-12 Synthesis & Decomposition Reactions

CHEMISTRY: Wow! So that’s where the pretty light comes from! Great job on synthesis and decomposition reactions. We’ll finish decomposition tomorrow. Now go forth and practice what you learned! (The balancing equations part, not the playing with magnesium part!) πŸ™‚

UPDATE: Sorry the last vodcast had bad audio. Try this one and see if it works!

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18 thoughts on “Chemistry 4-26-12 Synthesis & Decomposition Reactions

  1. Hey Ms. Skinner. I am really enjoying this part in chemistry. I am having trouble with the chemical reactions. I’ll study over the weekend. right?

  2. I was not in chemistry today because of track and I remember something about the hw having changed yesterday(since we didn’t have any) so how did that change tonight’s?

  3. Thank you sooo much for putting the vodcasts on here! I’m really starting to to understand it!

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