Hon Chemistry Help Session Thursday Morning, 7:15ish A.M.

HON CHEMISTRY – I believe in you – you can do this!! It won’t come by accident, though. Practice, practice, practice! Have you visited sciencegeek.net? There is excellent practice there.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? I know it seems like a lot, but you can do it! First priority – make sure you can write chemical formulas, because you can’t balance equations without that!!! Next, start practicing the different kinds of equations. And don’t forget, there’s some application association with this chapter as well. Don’t just know, know why!!

Help session tomorrow morning, 7:15 A.M. Good luck – I believe in you! And I’ll be praying for you!

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17 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry Help Session Thursday Morning, 7:15ish A.M.

  1. Hey Ms. Skinner! Hope you have a great break! And did you say we didn;t have to do an appendix in our project?

    • Nirali – You don’t have to do an appendix. That’s just a place you can put your illustrations if you want to.

  2. i have a question about the project. The sheet says that each item we choose to discuss must be highlighted and listed in its own seperate paragraph, does this mean just the items we take or all 33 of the items must have their own paragraph?

    • Katie – It applies to all 33 items. The only exception is if several items are used to make one thing, you may list them together in one paragraph.

      • Another part of the sheet says the items need to be underlined. So, does it matter if the items are underlined or highlighted (as the first part of the sheet says)?

        • Evan – Hmmmm….I’m thinking. The item needs to be super obvious to eyes that will be very, very, tired, strained, and bleary, and that might miss said item unless it was highlighted very obviously. 🙂

  3. Ms. Skinner, you said you wanted the works cited entires to be listed in the order they occur in the paper, but you also said internet articles must be listed separately in the works cited. Do you mean separate aritle entries, or a whole separate section in the works cited?

    • Aidan – No, you didn’t have to get your lab books. Since it is a take home lab, you don’t have to write it up early. It is not due until Monday, April 30.

    • Hope – Super cool! Double check the lab instructions to make sure you include all the necessary stuff in the conclusion. Glad you had fun today!

  4. I’m glad we are using math again in class! I understand it a lot easier that way! Do you know when our chapter 8 test will be graded?

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