Chemistry 4-4-12 Water Wire Lab

CHEMISTRY – I love watching you play with light bulbs in lab today! So it worked, and then it didn’t, and then it did! That’s great! I love the way you kept experimenting with ideas to see how to make those light bulbs light up! Do you know that’s when you often learn the most and grow the strongest – from failure?

Here is a copy of the Water Wire Take Home Lab. Let me know if you have any questions about what to do with this take home lab. I want you to do all parts of the lab. You will need to get the light bulb from some place like Radio Shack. I have skinny popsicle sticks that will work really well, if you’d like to use them. One word of advice – try it first with a smaller voltage battery than the 9V battery suggested on the sheets. Last year, we found that the 9V batteries kept blowing the light bulbs. (After today, does that make sense?) You might also consider getting a light bulb with a higher voltage, but I can’t promise how it will work.

Don’t forget to also do the last part of the lab – to test five different liquids at your home to see if they are ionic solutions. You will write this up in your lab book and you will include all your results in the Observations section of your lab report. Check your syllabus for an approximate due date, but I am going to change it so it doesn’t conflict with the history project due date. Good luck with it, and have fun!

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50 thoughts on “Chemistry 4-4-12 Water Wire Lab

  1. I loved doing the quick little lab today! it’s so crazy how things like that can work and you never really think about it. You’re awesome Ms. Skinner!! have a good Easter!!!! πŸ™‚

  2. Ms. Skinner, are we just going to the Radio Shack and ask them for a light bulb, or we’re asking for a special kind of light bulb?

    • Natalie – Sure, but you’ll need to come by earlier to find out exactly what to do with it. There aren’t any written instructions.

  3. what do i do if my webpages that have the highlighted items in it won’t fit in my left side pocket of my folder?

    • Aidan – Wow! They should fit. If it’s a really long site, ,take out the pages you didn’t actually use and include just the first page and the pages you used.

  4. when will the syllabus be up because i won’t be at school fri and the next mon because i will be on the band trip? may i take my test wednesday in my 2nd period study hall because i don’t think i can focus wednesday morning with all of the kids walking by me and talking? also isn’t there a help session wednesday morning?

  5. we checked 2 radio shacks and an auto zone and they were out of the light bulb, so is it okay if i use a power voltage?

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