Chemistry 3-1-12 Periodic Trends, Pt. 2

CHEMISTRY: Wow! We finally finished the chapter!! Here’s the lecture from Thursday – second ionization energy, electron affinity, ionic radii, valence electrons and electronegativity. Lots of stuff to know, and lots of stuff to be able to apply!

Good luck studying for your test – you need to start that today! Have you checked out the Chapter 5 Stuff to Know Sheet on Edline? And don’t forget The Unit 2 section would be a great place to practice and check to see if you’ve learned what you think you’ve learned.

Also, here’s a copy of the Chapter 5 Review Worksheet – which isn’t really a review worksheet, more of a sample test. Good luck studying! I’ll be praying for you!!

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86 thoughts on “Chemistry 3-1-12 Periodic Trends, Pt. 2

  1. the past few days have been fun! the game is fun, too! i hope you’re having such a wonderful and awesome experience in Costa Rica!! we miss you. have a great time there and see you when you come back!

  2. Miss Skinner, the make up lab you let us do i forgot to turn in before spring break because we were in the computer lab and i was sick so i wasnt thinking. May i turn it in this week?

  3. Ms. Skinner, there is still a zero on edline for February 20th. I never got that paper back and I think that was the grandparents day work that I put in the makeup work pile.

    • Ellen – Check the tray of graded papers, it should be there, and talk with me about it tomorrow. Thanks for keeping track of your grades!

  4. For the SItN do we need to write it up like normal science in the news or just read about it and explain it in class?

    • Josi – Do it just like a regular SItN. If it doesn’t have that much of a procedure – then you can instead write about how the product works.

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