Hon Chemistry 2-16-12 Intro to Chemical Bonds & Covalent Bonding

HON CHEMISTRY: Hey guys, here is the lecture on the intro to chemical bonds, electron dot notation, and covalent bonding. Make sure you add the diatomic molecules to your “things I have to memorize for the test” list. We’ll tackle Lewis structures tomorrow! 🙂

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Physics 2-15-12 Archimedes’ Princple, Pt. 2

PHYSICS: So you’re on the lake fishing, when all of a sudden you think you see a snake jump into the boat with you. When you abandon ship and jump headfirst into the water, does the water level in the lake rise, fall, or stay the say? And why? Great topic for discussion! 🙂 Here are the notes on the rest of Archimedes’ Principle. And if you want the solution to the problem at the end, a short, short video clip with just that is right below.

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Hon Chemistry Help Session Tuesday Morning, 7:15ish A.M.

HON CHEMISTRY: Good luck studying for your test on chapter 5! Did you find the Chapter 5 Stuff to Know/Study Suggestion Sheet on Edline? What about the answers to the possible discussion questions?

If you need any extra practice – helps session tomorrow morning at 7:15ish A.M. Good luck studying. I’ll be praying for you!!

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Physics 2-13-12 Archimedes’ Princple

PHYSICS: So when you were floating in the pool this summer, did you realize all that about buoyant forces acting on you? 🙂 Here’s the lecture from Monday – an intro to Archimedes’ Principle. Great topic for investigation! Speaking of….just in case you didn’t make it home with the homework for Tuesday night, here’s a copy of the Buoyancy 1 – thLab that is due (on a separate sheet of paper) Wednesday. Don’t forget that you can use any kind of plastic bowl or cup that is small enough to fit inside another bowl that you can measure volume in. Buoyancy 1 – thLab

Good luck finishing up your cars tonight! Be careful if you plan on painting them – paint can act to glue the parts together! And don’t forget to bring a schematic and explanation of how your car works.

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Chemistry 2-10-12 Periodic Table – History & Electron Configuration

CHEMISTRY: Happy Friday! How did you like playing Mendeleev yesterday? Hopefully it helped you understand the history of the periodic table that we discussed today.

Good job on remembering how to use the periodic table to get electron configuration! Can you do it now without the periodic table? This would be a great vodcast to bookmark, especially as you are learning to find period, block, group, type of element without looking at the periodic table. Don’t forget to practice, and have a great weekend!

Physics 2-9-12 Chapter 7 Review, Circular Motion & Gravitation

PHYSICS – Wow, there were a lot of you missing today. Here’s the review we did on chapter 7 – torque, circular motion, rotational dynamics, and Newton’s law of universal gravitation. Today we also we over the derivations behind #8b on the circular Motion Worksheet 2 and numbers 6 and 17 from the end of chapter review.

Help session Friday morning, 7:15ish A.M. Hold on to your homework if you’d like to use it to study. Just be sure and give it to me tomorrow. Good luck studying for the test – I’ll be praying for you!

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Physics 2-8-12 Newton’s Law of Universal Gravitation

PHYSICS – There is a fourth one? Yep – Newton’s law of universal gravitation! So when you jump off of something, the Earth moves, huh? You’ve learned little g, now you know big G! Great job on the problems, also make sure you can apply the concepts!

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Hon Chemistry 2-8-12 Ionic Radii & Electronegativity

HON CHEMISTRY – Hey guys, here’s the lecture on valence electrons and how you find the possible ion charge of an atom. Three things to get straight – valence electrons, how many electrons an atom gains or loses, and how that relates to the charge of the atom. Also today we talked about the last periodic trends – ionic radii and electronegativity. Have you begun to notice a trend among the trends? Don’t forget Linus Pauling!

Physics 2-8-12 Rotational Dynamics

PHYSICS – Did you see it? Here’s the lecture on rotational inertia, angular velocity, and angular momentum – rotational dynamics! BYW – since you are working very, very hard on your cars, I’ve decided not to assign the take home lab….cause I know how hard you are working on your cars! Let play with rotational inertia and angular momentum some more tomorrow. 🙂