Physics 2-13-12 Archimedes’ Princple

PHYSICS: So when you were floating in the pool this summer, did you realize all that about buoyant forces acting on you? 🙂 Here’s the lecture from Monday – an intro to Archimedes’ Principle. Great topic for investigation! Speaking of….just in case you didn’t make it home with the homework for Tuesday night, here’s a copy of the Buoyancy 1 – thLab that is due (on a separate sheet of paper) Wednesday. Don’t forget that you can use any kind of plastic bowl or cup that is small enough to fit inside another bowl that you can measure volume in. Buoyancy 1 – thLab

Good luck finishing up your cars tonight! Be careful if you plan on painting them – paint can act to glue the parts together! And don’t forget to bring a schematic and explanation of how your car works.

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    • Charlie – I’m going to be measuring from the front most point on your car to the rear most point on your car, and from the left to right, etc., – all before the car is launched. After the launch, it can be any length or width.

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