Honors Chemistry Poetry Project

(I’m sorry, guys! I posted this under 2011 instead of 2012. It was a little too far back for you to find!)

Chemistry in poetry – who’d of thought of such a thing? Any questions? Don’t forget to print out the Periodic Table of Poetry Mini Project – Honors requirements. Here’s how you’re going to pick an element. Sign up here by posting a comment with your element. The person who signs up first gets that element – be sure and check all the way down to the very first person to post, you may have to go to the previous page. Only one person per element!

Here are a few samples I found that don’t exactly follow the guidelines that I gave you, but I thought they’d give you a bit of inspiration. 🙂

first up is beryllium

there once was a prince called william
who made a car out of beryllium
the car broke down
and knocked off his crown
and now he makes them out of aluminium

second is lithium
lithium sweet lithium
will kill me if i eat it
lithium sweet lithium
will melt when we heat it
lithium sweet lithium
can power all our stuff
lithium sweet lithium
can feel very rough
jump for joy and run around ther’s stuff that could be done
when you’re playing with lithium you’re bound to have some fun

and lastly for now, helium

it’ll make your voice go high
and balloons fly in the sky
it’s a noble gas
with a very small mass
with a full first shell
its really cool as well

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  1. when we finish making our glog, how do we send it to you? do you want us to send you the link or is there another way to send it?

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