Chemistry 1-26-12 Quantum Numbers

CHEMISTRY: How’re you doing? Confused yet? Don’t worry – today you learned all the background information about quantum numbers, tomorrow we’ll put it all together and it will begin to make sense. If you didn’t hear the lecture today, this is for sure one that you want to watch!

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46 thoughts on “Chemistry 1-26-12 Quantum Numbers

  1. I really enjoyed the lab we did the other day. It was probably one of my favorites because of the flame and bright colors! And well not to mention I did learn from it. I hope we can do a similar one again eventually.

  2. Ms. Skinner I can’t find the podcast from Friday or today. I looked at the the archives from January but it only showed last Thursdays and the ones before that.

    • Samuel- We missed you today. Check the vodcast from today for the lesson, especially the notes on how to find the period, block, group, and type of element using only the electron configuration. πŸ™‚

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