Hon Chemistry 1-13-12 Quantum Numbers & Orbital Notation

HON CHEMISTRY: Happy Friday the 13th! Is it making more sense now – all the quantum numbers, I mean? Did your brain get too full today, too? 🙂 I think you’ll get the hang of orbital notation very quickly. Don’t forget to use the Aufbau Principle! Also, be sure to add number 31 to the homework for Friday night. Have a great extra long weekend!

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18 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 1-13-12 Quantum Numbers & Orbital Notation

  1. Quantum mechanics is fascinating! I think it’s mindblowing how the elements only go up to like 7 energy levels; it makes you wonder if there are more elements with even higher energy levels.

    • You need white cardstock to draw what you see through the diffraction grating. Then mount that on any color (black would be best) of construction paper.

      At least, that’s what we did.

  2. When searching for Triboluminescence articles for science in the news, do we still have to find an article from 2011, since they are harder to find? Would one from 2008 be okay?

  3. I loved the last chapter about electrons and light, it was awesome and I feel like had an easier time understanding it than the others chapters.

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