Hon Chemistry 1-5-12 Spectroscopy Lab

HON CHEMISTRY: How’d you like playing with light? So, after experimenting, what do you think? Is light a particle or is it an energy wave?

Are you clear on how to turn in the lab report? Observations from the diffraction grating yesterday will be in two parts: 1) the written observation – answers to those four questions for BOTH types of light on notebook paper, and 2) your drawings of both kinds of light on card stock or heavy white paper, and then both drawings mounted on one sheet of construction paper. Be sure to label everything.

Observations from today, using the spectroscope will be answered on the actual lab sheets/packet. Double check to make sure you answered every single observation and question. The entire packet is due Monday.

Great job on locating the absorption lines – they’re difficult to find! And I’m pretty sure I like outside labs! Now, let’s talk about the whole wave/particle thing tomorrow. 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 1-5-12 Spectroscopy Lab

  1. Hey Mrs. Skinner, what were the three things we need for the lab due monday? And studying light this week has been awesome!

  2. Hey Mrs. Skinner, wasn’t there three parts to turn in Monday? And I loved studying light this week has been awesome!

  3. The questions about yesterday’s part of the part of the lab go on a piece of notebook paper, correct? And if so, do we answer the questions about the part of the lab we did Wednesday and the part we did yesterday on the same notebook paper, or are they separate?

  4. Thank you, Ms. Skinner, for letting Mikhul and I stay after school to look at that poster with the spec! I was scared we wouldnt be able to get it done.

  5. I agree with Hope! But I have to say I’m glad Katherine was there, it took me forever to find the lines when we went outside!

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