Hon Chemistry 12-7-11 Fission & Fusion

HON CHEMISTRY: Good luck studying for the laaaaaaaaaast chapter test of the year! Here’s the lecture from today – fission and fusion. Be careful and don’t take the test for granted. It will cover the beginning part of chapter 3 (through average atomic mass), chapter 21, and you will also have a set of chemical formulas to write and name.

For chapter 3, check out the Chapter 3 Study Suggestions sheet here and now on Edline (make sure you get the one labelled 2011 – and thanks to Katherine for letting me know it wasn’t showing up!).

For chapter 21, make sure you practice half-life problems and nuclear equations. Also, make sure you’ve memorize the nuclear symbols for alpha particles, beta particles, positrons, neutrons, and protons. And then there are tons of notes on the conceptual stuff. Properties of radioactivity, people, types of radioactive decay, applications of radioactivity, definitions, definitions, and definitions!

By the way, did u get the notice about the help session tomorrow morning – 7:15ish A.M. Practice everything! And did I mention, PRACTICE!! I’ll be praying for you!

Science Exams First Thing Tuesday – December 13!!

Good luck in studying for your chemistry, honors chemistry, and physics exams! How are you studying? Best advice? Practice, practice, PRACTICE! Be active in studying – don’t just read over the material. Watching vodcasts of old lectures might not hurt either! 🙂

Don’t forget to bring your completed exam review packets when you come on Tuesday. Click below for a copy, if you need it. I’m praying for you!!

CHEMISTRY Exam Review Packet

HON CHEMISTRY Exam Review Packet

PHYSICS Exam Review Packet

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