Hon Chemistry 12-2-11 Half-Life Problems

HON CHEMISTRY: So what do you figure is the half-life of a banana? But I digress…. Here’s the lecture from Friday on half-life problems. (I’m still not sure what happened to the Power Point!) Keep thinking these problems through and you’ll do great!

Have fun with the half-life simulation lab! The report will go in your lab book – Title, Objective, Procedure, Observations (with data table), Conclusion, and Questions. Don’t forget that your graph needs to be drawn on graph paper, folded in half, and attached in your lab book. It can be stapled or taped.

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10 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 12-2-11 Half-Life Problems

    • Katherine – Post your data under the post about the lab – where it says post your data here. šŸ™‚ (Sorry, I couldn’t resist!)

  1. Ms. Skinner! For some reason this video and the video titled Average Atomic Mass on Nov. 18 won’t work for me! I need to review these too. So may we have a help session on Wednesday?

    • Mary Grace – Nope! The first part of chapter 3 (through average atomic mass), chapter 21, and ONLY writing and naming chemical formulas from chapter 7. By the way, you’ll probably have to write and name chemical formulas on every test from now on.

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