Hon Chemistry 12-1-11 Radioactive Decay

HON CHEMISTRY: Can you guess what it is?/ It’s a picture of uranium ore under UV light. Cool, huh! Here’s the lecture from Thursday on the properties of radioactive nuclides and the types of radioactive decay. It also includes how to write nuclear equations. Don’t forget to memorize the nuclear symbols for alpha particles, beta particles (electrons), positrons, neutrons, and protons. Not nearly as bad as polyatomic ions, huh?!? 🙂

I thought you might want to get a head start on the half-life simulation lab, so I posted about that earlier. I’m including a copy of the Half-Life Simulation Lab here, but make sure you go back and read that post for detail that you will need. And speaking of half-life, let’s calculate it tomorrow. Calculators ready!

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8 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 12-1-11 Radioactive Decay

  1. Hey Ms. Skinner, when an element decays, can it decay into other elements and return to its original element after going along the series of decay?

  2. Hey Mrs. Skinner, i don’t understand the half life’s of the radioactive elements we talked about in class. Like how do you know the exact time length it takes for it to decay to it’s half life?

    • Adam – Yes, the procedure is always in paragraph form, like a journal. The observations are what might be in different formats depending on the type of lab.

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