CHEMISTRY 11-8-11 Sample Test Problems

CHEMISTRY: How’s it going? You stuck? Here’s the laaaast review of the types of problems that will be on your test Thursday. Don’t forget to print out a copy of the syllabus. You’ll need it for Wednesday. Also, if you will be leaving Thursday for the game, you’ll need to make sure you let Mrs. Jackie know which day you will be taking your test. (Check out the syllabus to see what I mean!) Good luck! I’ll be praying for you!!

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35 thoughts on “CHEMISTRY 11-8-11 Sample Test Problems

  1. Hey Ms.Skinner! I thought i knew how to do formula mass really well because we would do it in class and i always got them right but at i am not getting any of them right! Don’t you just find the mass and multiply it by the charge and then add them up?

  2. Hey Ms. Skinner I will be taking the test on Monday also. And I have already informed Mrs. Jackie about the absence of the football team and when we’re leaving

  3. Thanks for the class time to work on the problems! It really helped me! I caught a few mistakes that I now have corrected.

  4. Hey Ms. Skinner! well im not going to see you for like 2 weeks:( Is there anything else I need to do other than watch the vodcasts? Hope you have a great trip!!

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