Common Substances: Chemical Names, Formulas & Other Stuff

Hey guys – thanks for a wonderful, wonderful trip today to hear Ken Ham at the Answers in Genesis conference! Did he start you tothinking? I hope so!

I thought it might be quicker for you to check your answers to #58, and get the list of the other substances that I want you to know, here. Common Substances – Chemical Names & Formulas There are just part of the master list of things you have to have memorized for the pre-test on memorization and also for the for real test! Good luck learning them! Have you tried making your own flashcards on

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15 thoughts on “Common Substances: Chemical Names, Formulas & Other Stuff

  1. Hey, I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the answers in Genesis trip today. I had alot of questions that have puzzled me for a while answered. With that, I have thought up alot more questions. I’d really like to go to something similar again. Is it possible to go to another away from school learning thing soon? It really got me thinking.

  2. Ms. Skinner, I am really getting the hang of writing formulas! The practice things we did in the computer lab really helped!!

  3. I enjoyed the trip yesterday! it answered a lot of questions that I have had in past about evolution and things like that!

  4. practicing my formulas on the chemistry reveiw activy help tremendously!!! this new form of studying will be used for future test.

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