Hon Chemistry 10-3-11 Mixture Separation Lab

HON CHEMISTRY: Pretty intense few days, huh? You know, I’m really proud of you! It’s one thing to be able to follow a set of directions, but it’s a whole other thing to be able to come up with the directions on your own! That’s a difficult thing to learn how to do, and you are doing a great job developing that skill.

Any questions about writing up the lab report for tomorrow? Use the Lab Report manuscript form you can find here or on Edline. Remember, some of you definitely need to elaborate on your procedure! And then, after you write your own conclusion, don’t forget the questions on page 27 of your book: Analysis & Interpretation 1, Conclusion questions 1 – 4, and Extension questions 1 – 2.

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12 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 10-3-11 Mixture Separation Lab

  1. Thank you for reminding me about the questions! I would have forgotten to do them. Also, thanks for letting Will and me finish our lab after school!

  2. This lab was a lot of fun! i love doing anything with the bunsen burner! For our lab write up are we supposed to have observations?

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