Hon Chemistry 9-30-11 Chemical Formulas – Part 1

HON CHEMISTRY: Great start on writing and naming chemical formulas, and you did it without me! Well, kind of. 🙂 Here’s the lecture from Friday. Friday we concentrated on binary ionic compounds, and Monday we’ll do compounds with polyatomic ions. Make sure to take time to practice, practice, practice this weekend. You’ll be as lost as ball in high weeds on Monday if you don’t!

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19 thoughts on “Hon Chemistry 9-30-11 Chemical Formulas – Part 1

  1. What is the reason that only molecular compounds are are written with prefixes and other ionic compounds are not? Do non-metals and metalloids have different bonding properties?

  2. What would our observations be for the separating the mixture lab? Would everything not be included in the procedure, conclusion, and objective?

    • Luke – Heavens, no! What did you observe? Do you need a data table (YES!) and then what other observations did you have about every single step that you did?

  3. For all binary molecular compounds, when using the numerical prefixes, do you always change the ending of the second element to -ide?

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