Element Symbols Practice Quiz

Hey guys, how are you doing on memorizing the symbols of the elements? Here’s a great study aid from quizlet.com. In the bottom right corner, click on “Choose a Study Mode” and you can change the layout and study different ways. If you already know them, try “Learn.” If you are just beginning to learn the symbols, I’d try “Scatter,” then go to quizlet.com (or click on the bottom left where it says “Study these flash cards”) and try “Space and Race.” I LOVE that game. It really puts your brain in gear and is great practice!

Good luck learning them – and don’t forget, the actual elements you have to know are the elements with these atomic numbers: 1 – 58, 60, 61, 74, 76 – 95.

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66 thoughts on “Element Symbols Practice Quiz

  1. So we need to be prepared for having more than one quiz on the elements? And also, our test on elements is next Tuesday, and the rest of ch. 1 test is on Wednesday right?

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