Chemistry 9-7-11 Scientific Notation

CHEMISTRY – Wow – that might be the fastest I’ve reviewed scientific notation ever! Here’s the lecture from Wednesday. Are you ready to kill your calculator yet? The best way to really learn all of the things from this chapter is practice, practice, practice! And just so you can do that, I’ve put it all together in your homework tonight….cuz I love you! πŸ™‚ You can do it!!

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26 thoughts on “Chemistry 9-7-11 Scientific Notation

  1. Ms. Skinner I am understanding how to do all the formulas and equations but may need a little more help with the calculator in scientific notation

    • The Sig Figs in the Scientific Notation should match the amount of Sig Figs in the original number.

      0.000723 has three Sig Figs; therefore, 0.000723 in Scientific Notation should also have three sig figs.

      7.23 * 10^-4 is 0.000723 in Scientific Notation.

  2. Ms. Skinner,
    Besides tomorrow, will there be another Help Session before the test? Possibly on Monday or Tuesday morning?

    • Kyle – It will help if you go back and watch the vodcast for the lecture again. You can fast forward through the parts you don’t need and then pause it when it’s going too fast. Need help with problems? Come to the help session tomorrow morning! Good luck!

  3. Ms. Skinner,
    Is the lab notebook the one that we handed in?
    Do we need to print the manuscript paper dowm and stick it to the notebook tomorrow?

  4. i liked our lab today. it really helped me cause i was a little confused on density, mass, and volume but the lab made it pretty easy to understand

  5. Ms. Skinner, do we need to know how to multiply and divide scientific notation on the test? Also, will we need to know how to use the EE button on our calculators to figure out scientific notation?

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